5 Tips from 5 Jim’s Service Divisions this Summer.

Summer is the time for some outdoor fun. However, the warm summer weather can cause a few issues around the home. To help ease your summer to-do list, here are 5 helpful tips from 5 different Jim’s service divisions. Your home will soon be shining brighter than the sun.

Jim’s Mowing – The grass is greener on your side of the fence

The key to a healthy lawn this summer is watering. For a beautiful and lush lawn, give it a deep soaking early in the morning, twice a week. This way you won’t end up with a shallow root system or a weak lawn that is more likely to be overrun by weeds and pests.

Jim’s Termite and Pest Control – Keeping those pests away

We’ve all experienced those annoying little pests that fly and crawl around our home. Here are some super simple tips to deter insects and small rodents. Ensure your kitchen and bathrooms are clean, dispose of food waste regularly, and finally, don’t let water stagnate in buckets or kiddie pools. Now you can enjoy your summertime – pest free!

Jim’s Fire Safety – Smoke alarms save lives

We strongly recommend testing your smoke alarms – frequently! They could potentially save your life. To test your smoke alarm just press and hold the test button, then a loud, ear-piecing sound should begin. If the sound is too faint or soft, or no sound at all, then it’s time to change the battery.

Jim’s Pool Care – Refresh with fresh water

A handy hint for keeping your swimming pool water sparkling, is fresh water. Add 3% – 5% of new water to the total water volume. This will weaken concentrations of metals and salts like iron, copper, and chlorides that can build up and cause cloudy water. Adding fresh water 3 times a year will help keep your water crystal clear.

Jim’s Skip Bins – Big summer blowout

Sometimes, summer days that can be quite nasty, when it’s just too hot and windy to go outside. What’s the best thing to do when staying indoors? Have a clean-out! Toss out all those unnecessary household items and belongings that have accumulated over time. “And, where do I put all this?” I hear you ask. The answer is Jim’s Skip Bins. You can hire any size skip bin to suit your needs.

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