Five Jim’s Services You May Not Know About.

Everyone has heard of Jim’s Mowing, right? Those illustrious green trailers featuring the bearded man in a hat seem to pop-up all around Australia. Some may go so far as to say that Jim is a good ol’ Aussie icon!

But, did you know that mowing isn’t the only service that Jim can pull out of his hat?

Astonishingly, there are more than 50 service divisions belonging to Jim’s Group! There’s a Jim’s service to satisfy just about all your needs, from your home or business, to your car, pets, and even dietary requirements!

Here are just five Jim’s services you may not know about…

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control

Do you have unwelcome visitors? Termites and pests can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your property if they are not quickly evicted or eliminated. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control are the experts when it comes to eco-friendly pest removal services.

Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal

Trees are an important part of our habitat, but not when they pose hazards or risks to our safety. Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal not only remove dangerous trees, our trained arborists can also prune and trim large trees to promote new growth and keep them healthy.

Jim’s Electrical

Don’t want to be left in the dark? You’ll be shocked by the amount of electrical services Jim’s Electrical can provide! Enough with the electrical puns, seriously, all Jim’s electricians are qualified, licensed, and insured to deliver a full range of residential and commercial electrical services, repairs and installations.

Jim’s Pool Care

Some may say that life is like a swimming pool – you dive in but can’t see how deep it is. Not so, with Jim’s Pool Care! Jim’s pool cleaning technicians keep your swimming pool so crystal clear you’ll definitely see the bottom! They also specialise in pool equipment repairs and installations, pool heating, pool covers and safety inspections.

Jim’s Skip Bins

Who doesn’t need a skip bin! Perhaps you’re moving house and need to cull some household items. Or, you’re in the middle of a home renovation, or maybe it’s about time you started that spring clean, whatever the occasion, Jim’s Skip Bins has the right size skip for the job.

Jim's Group

A few more Jim’s service divisions you may not know about include:

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