Here Are Five MORE Jim’s Services You May Not Know About.

Previously, we’ve talked about Jim and his famous Jim’s Mowing service. Those striking green trailers featuring the bearded man in a hat seem to pop-up nearly everywhere you go.

But, did you know that mowing isn’t the only service that Jim has up his sleeve, or in his hat?

It’s hard to believe, but there are over 50 service divisions belonging to Jim’s Group! There’s a Jim’s service to satisfy just about all your needs, from your home or business, to your car, pets, and even dietary requirements!

Here are five MORE Jim’s services you may not know about…

Jim’s Conveyancing

The recent property boom has increased the demand for conveyancing services, and Jim’s Conveyancing has you covered. But, did you know there is more to our conveyancing services than home or land sale documents? We can also help with subdivision applications, refinance settlements, title transfers, leases and more.

Jim’s Dog Wash

Our fur babies are part of the family. We love them unconditionally, but they can be messy! Don’t fret, Jim’s Dog Wash provides a wide range of dog grooming services to ensure your pooch is always clean, fresh and smelling great!

Jim’s Home Fresh Deliveries

Is your life busy? Running around with work, kids, appointments and so on, means it’s easy to neglect your health and nutrition. It’s Jim’s Home Fresh Deliveries to the rescue!  Save time, go online and order your fresh, organic food and have it delivered to your door.

Jim’s Fencing

There’s a lot more to fencing than white pickets. A Jim’s Fencing fence not only secures your property, it can also create a fantastic visual impact and compliment your landscape. With a full range of modern fencing styles to choose from, your home or business will have plenty of curb appeal!

Jim’s Mobile Mechanics

The one possession most of us can’t live without is our car. It can be a huge inconvenience if it ever breaks down. Never fear, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics is here! With logbook servicing, vehicle inspections and roadside assist, you can be sure your car will always get you from A to B.

Jim's Group

A few more Jim’s service divisions you may not know about include:

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