Electrical Safety at Home.

Every year in Australia, more than 300 people are hospitalised, and more than a dozen people are killed from electrical shock. To keep your family safe, it’s best to use a qualified electrician when it comes to any electrical work around the home.

Are you a serial DIYer?

Here are some tempting jobs that serial DIYers should avoid.

  • Changing a plug on any electrical lead
  • Repairing any faulty electrical appliances
  • Replacing a light switch or power point
  • Installing your own electrical wiring
  • Making any changes to existing electrical wiring

No matter how small the electrical job is, there is no need to put yourself or your family at risk. Your local qualified electrician can get the job done quickly and make sure your home is a safe place to live.

Jims Electrical

Jims Electrical

Still want to do something to help.

Here are some simple electrical jobs that you can tackle yourself, but first, make sure the power is turned off.

  • Replacing fuses
  • Changing the starter in a fluro light fitting
  • Changing a light bulb or fluro tube
  • Resetting a safety switch

What else can you do?

If your home is not protected by a safety switch, your next call should be to a qualified electrician to find out how quickly they can install one for you. Safety switches save lives every year.

Now that you’re on a roll

Why not run through this checklist to see what else you can do? Have you;

  • Minimised the use of double adaptors and power boards to avoid overloading?
  • Checked to see if any cords are covered by rugs or matts, and moved them?
  • Taught everyone in the household to pull the plug out by the actual plug, not the cord?
  • Unwound all cords completely to avoid overheating and possible fire?
  • Switched off and unplugged electrical appliances that are not being used?
  • Checked for water leaks that may be dangerous near electricity?
  • Educated everyone not to touch or use appliances with wet hands or feet?
  • Inspected all appliances, plugs, switches and cords for damage?
  • Left enough ventilation space around your fridge and microwave?
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Don’t be tempted. If you are renovating and need electrical work done, call a licensed electrician no matter how minor the job.