Three reasons why MBCM Strata Specialists use Jim’s Franchisee’s

Managing an Owners Corporation is not something the franchisees at MBCM Strata Specialists take lightly. There are many tasks to juggle, not least the selection of trades to use on the common property they manage on behalf of their Owners Corporation clients.

One thing which is common across the MBCM Strata Specialists network is the engagement of Jim’s Franchisees in assisting them in maintaining the common property.
There are three main reasons why MBCM Strata Specialists franchisees trust Jim’s franchisees:

  • It is very important for Owners Corporation managers that the trades they engage to work on their properties turn up on time and do not let them down. Jim’s franchisees are known for their professionalism and reliability and can be trusted.
  • The quality of the workmanship of the trades they engage is another very important trait in trades engaged by Owners Corporation managers. With Jim’s franchisees, quality is guaranteed and they have a track record of delivering quality workmanship and rectifying it if on the rare occasion it may fall below par.
  • Owners corporation managers need to ensure that the trades they engage deliver great value to their clients. Jim’s franchisees always deliver great value. They may not always be the cheapest, but they are always reliable and deliver high quality workmanship which is guaranteed. That is worth paying a premium.

The quality assurance which a franchise network delivers is a constant between Jim’s Group ( and MBCM Strata Specialists ( and the reason why MBCM Strata Specialists engage so many Jim’s Franchisees.