5 Projects to Tackle Around Your Home When You’re Thinking of Selling.

Selling your home can be exciting as well as stressful. Here are some projects you can tackle, to help you get the best price for your home and reduce your level of stress! By getting these jobs done, you will be better prepared, and feel like you’re in control.

  • Understand your local market


    Take the time to price your home correctly, based on market trends and sales of similar homes in your area. Are house prices rising or falling? If you price it too high, nobody will buy. If the price is right, the buyers will come, and you will secure the best price for your home.


  • Present a clean home, inside and out.


    A clean home is inviting and appealing. It’s easy to take care of the basics such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping and polishing. Don’t forget the windows, doors, cupboards, oven, showers, toilets and bathtub. Check that the light fittings and switches are all clean and working. Tackle the outside as well, including dust, cobwebs, pathways and steps.

    Home Cleaning - Jims Cleaning

  • Carry out repairs.


    While you are living there, it’s easy to overlook a crack in the wall, flaking paint, a broken light switch, a faulty door handle or a sliding door that jams. It’s always best to fix any issues before the house goes on the market. Buyers will be critical and expect that the home has been well maintained.

    Home Repair - Jims Handyman

  • Garden for street appeal.


    First impressions are important, and buyers will judge the outside of your home first. Mow the lawns, pull the weeds, trim the shrubs, remove dead branches and clean up any leaves or bark that may have fallen. Pressure clean the paths and driveway. Don’t forget to top up the mulch and add some colourful plants to garden beds.Jims Mowing

  • Arrange a pre-sale building and pest inspection.


    Arranging a building inspection and a pest inspection before you go to market will allow you to rectify any issues that may be identified. With a clean bill of health, buyers will not be able to negotiate the price down based on handyman jobs or pest concerns.

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If you are pushed for time, but need these projects done quickly and professionally, remember “Jim’s the one”.

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