The Ultimate Guide for Small Indoor Spaces ?

You may have noticed the trend towards sub-division of land for more townhouse and apartment living.  The key to these smaller indoor spaces is to make them look larger than they are. Even some older homes have smaller rooms that can be made to look more spacious. Let’s dig into our bag of tricks and share some tips from our professionals to make your smaller spaces look larger.

Paint colours for smaller rooms

Your wall colour is a great place to start. Off-white or brilliant white are the obvious go-to colours. However, you may be surprised at the range of other colours out there. Names of colours vary from brand to brand, so here are some generic terms that may appeal to you. Pearl grey, straw, blush, sky blue, eggshell, ocean mist, and milkshake hues can all create an open feel. For friendly advice and a full range of colour options, your local painting professional can make colour selection easy.

IndoorSpaces - Jims Group

IndoorSpaces - Jims Group

Laundry space ideas

For the person bearing all the washing and folding responsibilities, space matters. Why not wall mount your dryer above your washing machine to gain space?  Add some overhead cupboards for extra storage. Place your dirty clothes basket under the bench to free-up floor space. If there’s no room for a drying rack on the floor, why not use the space above the sink to hang a drying rod, or retractable mini clothesline. These, and other handyman ideas can make all the difference.

Big ideas for small bedrooms

When size really matters, a tailor-made set of drawers each side of the bed can double as bedside tables, making the most of the available space. Imagine floating cabinets built-in above these bedside tables to use the space that is usually overlooked.  Floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe doors are a classic way to create the illusion of space in a small room. Let the light in by installing larger bedroom windows, and replacing heavy drapes with modern window furnishings or blinds.

IndoorSpaces - Jims Group

IndoorSpaces - Jims Group

Inside out living for small spaces

Allow the inside to flow outside. Installing full height glass sliding doors that open onto a paved patio area adds dimension. Surround this area with a lush garden makeover. Create a water feature at the furthest point of vision through the glass sliding doors as a featured focal point. Define the outdoor area with a structure to make it feel like an outdoor room. Voila, you have just extended your main living area!

If you need a hand with any of these ideas, or your own great ideas, contact Jim’s Group on 131 546. Or, visit for a full list of Jim’s services that can help you make your small space look larger.