Simple Weekend Projects to Tackle Around Your Home.

We love our weekends. No matter what the time of year, a weekend is always a great opportunity to spend time with family, take a short break, or catch up with friends. A weekend also happens to be the perfect time to tackle some simple home improvement projects.

Unsure where to start? Here are 3 simple projects to begin with

1. Painting and cleaning your kitchen

It’s widely believed that the kitchen is the heart of the home. In most homes the kitchen wears many hats. A kitchen can be the centre of the family huddle, a place for chatting, a room for paying and sorting bills, and let’s not forget its original purpose – a place to enjoy good food with family and friends.

Kitchen wall space tends to be limited. It’s mostly dominated by base cabinets, wall cabinets, and splashbacks. Therefore, the fastest, cheapest kitchen projects that you can tackle over a weekend include painting your kitchen walls and tile and grout cleaning.

lawns and landscaping

2. Lawns and landscaping

First impressions are a big deal. So, let’s concentrate on creating visual appeal. Anything you can do to spruce up your yard will be worthwhile in the long run. Especially true if you are ever thinking of selling.  Generally, a weekend is enough time to make improvements to your front garden or backyard. A little bit of landscaping with inexpensive shrubs and brightly coloured flowers will go a long way.

“A weekend is a great time for lawnmowing, hedging and pruning” says Jim Penman CEO and Founder of Jim’s Group. Believe it or not, Jim still likes to spend a lot of time in his garden, despite having the largest lawn mowing franchise group at his fingertips.

3. Cleaning your carpets

Carpet cleaning is important, especially if you have pets. Eau de Pooch is not the scent you want wafting through your home as family and friends come to visit. Cleaning your carpet not only extends its life, but also contributes to a healthier environment. “Deep cleaning eliminates dust and allergens trapped in carpets.” says Haydar Hussein, Founder of Jim’s Cleaning.

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