How Jim’s Handyman Can Help With Your ToDo List.

Been nagging your partner about that hole in the wall for weeks? Have your kids hit a few too many sixes right through your back window? Been wanting that outdoor decking for years, but never got around to it? Well, you’re in luck. Jim’s Handyman service is here to help you tick off your to-do list! Everything from fixing up that missing patch of paint, to bathroom renovations, Jim’s Handyman will get it done.

Home or Business Jobs.

Available for both home and businesses, Jim’s Handyman are available wherever, and whenever you need help! From commercial building maintenance, to minor painting services, Jim’s Handyman can do it all. Services include:

·         Commercial building maintenance ·         Bathroom renovations
·         Carpentry services ·         Outdoor sheds & carports
·         Door & window repairs ·         Tiling services
·         Home renovations & modifications ·         Plastering services
·         Minor painting services ·         Verandas, pergolas & decking
Jim's Place Holder Image

Jim's Place Holder Image

Experts in every trade.

Your local Jim’s Handyman is a multi-talented guy. With skills ranging from carpentry to tiling, renovations, decking and more, there’s no one better to help you tackle every job on your to-do list in one hit. Not only are they skilled, they’re safe. Police checks are a must for all Jim’s Handyman franchisees, and so is insurance. To find your local Jim’s Handyman expert, click here.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations.

Have you been delaying renovations because you simply don’t know where to begin? Or does the hassle of coordinating every little job do your head in? Maybe you’re just worried about the potential cost? If you’ve been stalling because you’re unsure about the obligations that follow quotes, don’t be. Jim’s Handyman will provide you with a free no obligation quote specifically tailored to your budget. Don’t waste any more time, Jim’s Handyman is here to help you get it done.

Jim's Place Holder Image

Jim's Place Holder Image

Odd Jobs.

Struggling to find the motivation to paint over that impromptu art project that your little one decided to doodle on the wall? Yep, even for something as small as painting over a patch of rebellious art, scuffs, or uneven work, call Jim’s Handyman.

Don’t procrastinate any longer. Make that list a thing of the past. Call Jim’s Handyman today on 131 546.