Why Should You Choose a Local Expert?

With so many businesses promoting themselves, it can be hard to know if you are choosing the right one. You are about to put your trust in someone, but it can feel like you’re taking a risk. Don’t worry, your local expert is just around the corner. Let’s have a look at the questions we should ask to make the right choice.

Are you licenced and qualified to do this work?

Achieving qualifications takes knowledge and expertise. If they have taken the time to become qualified, they are more likely to do a better job. Certain professional services and trades require a license. Find out if this applies to the work you need done and ask for details of their license.

Jim's Local expert
Jim's Local expert

Are you experienced and insured?

You can’t buy experience, or can you? Choosing a business with lots of experience means you can expect a higher quality job to be done. Inexperienced operators are still learning on the job. Sometimes, things can go wrong. If they do, you need to know that the business you have chosen has the appropriate insurance to protect you.

Are you the owner, and do you provide a written quote?

If you are lucky enough to be dealing directly with the business owner, you will notice the difference. Business owners are often more passionate and committed to customer satisfaction. It’s easy to get it wrong with a verbal agreement. There is nothing to fall back on apart from “he said, she said”. Always insist on a written quote that includes everything you want done.

Jim's Local expert

At Jim’s Group, the passion for customer service flows from Jim Penman. Jim is the owner and founder of Jim’s Group. He is passionate about making every customer a raving fan. When you contact a Jim’s franchisee, you are most likely speaking with the owner. They are usually a local because they prefer to work close to home. They will turn up on time, in uniform and provide a written quote. Every franchisee is police checked and they are happy to share details of insurance cover, qualifications and experience.

Give Jim’s a call today on 131 546 and take the risk out of choosing a local expert for your job.

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