How to Increase Your Homes Street Appeal.

Feeling a bit like the ugly duckling on the block? Getting ready to sell your home and need some tips? If you want to increase the street appeal of your home but don’t know how, this is the article for you. We’ll show you 3 simple ways you can scrub up to look right at home amongst your nosy, but neat neighbours. First impressions count, so make yours a good one!

Keep your nature strip tidy.

Don’t underestimate the difference a neatly trimmed, well-maintained nature strip can make to your home’s street appeal. Unruly weeds, overgrown grass, and even tree stumps can all make your nature strip look neglected and unappealing. If you don’t have time yourself to get the mower out, Jim’s Mowing can take your strip from wildly overgrown to perfectly-manicured in no time. Need some help with tree or stump removal? Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal services can help.

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Jim's Place Holder Image

Pave your way to a more attractive property.

You’ll be surprised just how much difference professional paving or concrete resurfacing can make to your home’s street appeal. If you’ve been contemplating getting your driveway or paving done, Jim’s Paving can do the job. Our expert pavers can do anything from asphalt and concrete resurfacing, driveways or outdoor paving, to simply cleaning and sealing existing surfaces. If you have a sloping front yard, Jim’s Paving can also construct retaining walls. If you do one thing on this list, make paving the one!

Give your home’s exterior a fresh lick of paint.

If your home’s exterior has suffered natural wear over the years, it might be time for some fresh paint. But if there’s one place you can’t hide a shoddy DIY paint-job, it’s on the outside of your house. Yep, for exterior painting, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Jim’s Painting are not only expert painters, they also take the time to talk you through a colour consultation. This guarantees your home will look its best, and on point style-wise! It’s amazing the difference a bit of paint can make. Get a free quote now!

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