Revamping Your Home? 5 Things to Know Before You Start Renovating Part 2.

With the questions in Part 1 taken care of, you are well on the way to being organised. Let’s check if you have overlooked any of these steps as part of your preparation. Before you start spending your hard-earned money, let’s think about this next set of questions.

Have you chosen quality tradies?

Finding good quality local tradies is a lot easier these days. Most good tradies can be found online. You can check their Google business listings for reviews. Contact the ones with the best reviews and see if they respond promptly and professionally. Don’t be that person who always chooses the cheapest price. It can cost you more in the long run.

Jim's Group
Jim's Group

Have you checked for asbestos?

In 2003 asbestos products were banned in Australia. Even so, almost 1 in 3 homes still contains asbestos. By using an expert tradie, you are less likely to expose your family to this dangerous product. Asbestos can cause fatal diseases, so if you’re not sure, don’t take the risk. Speak with an asbestos removal expert before you renovate.

Are you prepared for the mess?

With all the excitement, it’s easy to overlook the mess a reno will create. You may not be able to use certain rooms for a while. You will be living with dust and dirt and building materials that need to be disposed of. If it all becomes too much, don’t worry. Your local cleaning professionals and rubbish removal experts are usually quick to respond.

Jim's Group
Jim's Group

Is your home secure and safe?

With the reno underway, have you thought about keeping everything and everyone safe? Do the windows offer an easy view inside from the street? Have you updated your TV and sound system? Are the children home alone at times? Window tinting can increase your privacy and a security system can give you peace of mind 24/7.

Have you checked that you are not over-capitalising?

Unless you’re never planning to sell, don’t over-capitalise. When the cost of the buying your home plus the cost of renovation outweighs the value of the home, you have over-capitalised. Choose materials wisely. Use the right tradies who offer competitive prices and quality workmanship. This will help to keep the costs within your original budget.

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By answering these questions and working with trusted experts, your renovation is sure to be a great success.

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